Dear tourists of Amsterdam

We would like to inspire you to leave our city in a better shape than when you got here. Because being a tourist in the corona era is all about leaving a sustainable trace. So choose one of our good deeds for the city, get an instant reward and make yourself a Happy Tourist.

Pay With a Good Deed

This August you can Pay With a Good Deed in the Haarlemmerbuurt! We compiled a list of wonderful shops that invite you to do a small good deed for the world and receive an instant reward from them. Pay With a Good Deed allows you to truly connect with the neighbourhood. Making a positive impact gives your visit an extra sparkle!

How does it work?

  1. Choose one or more of the deeds below
  2. Take a photo or video of yourself doing the good deed
  3. Tag the company and @paywithagooddeed
  4. Share your experience on social media with #thehappytourist
  5. Collect your reward
  6. Be happy


Brand Mission

This Eco & Fair Fashion store at the Haarlemmerstraat 36 challenges you to:

Pick up litter around the neighbourhood for 25 min

Their reward for you: a cool pair of socks

Tally Ho

This Fair Fashion For Females store at the Haarlemmerplein 23 challenges you to:

Write a positive message with chalk on the sidewalk or give someone your best smile

Their reward for you: Get the full TALLY experience:

  • Personal style advice
  • A cup of coffee
  • And of course a BIG SMILE in return

Affaire D’Eau

This cute store with vintage bathroom supplies at the Haarlemmerdijk 148-150 challenges you to:

Find a local that is born in the same year as you, take a selfie together tell something about the time both were made/born on instagram or facebook

Their reward for you: a bar of luxury soap from our collection

Theatercafé Spinoza

This cozy theatre café at the Haarlemmerplein 11h challenges you to:

Pick up cigarette buds from the square or play a small concert on our piano

Their reward for you: a free cup of coffee or tea or chocolate

Das Werkhaus

This zero waste handmade fashion store at the Haarlemmerstraat 87 challenges you to:

Tell a little story about zero waste on social media

Their reward for you: a cool facemask or scarf 

Klein The Grocer Shop

This little organic grocery store at the Haarlemmerdijk 26 challenges you to:

Leave your favorite organic recipe in our store

Their reward for you: 10% discount in our shop


Do you have a shop in the Haarlemmerbuurt and you want to give a sustainable challenge to Happy Tourists? Or do you know of other neighbourhoods that want to participate in our program? Drop us a mail!


Try to be a Happy Tourist everyday by following these tips and guidelines
– Find a homeless person and give him/her a meal
– Join a plastic fishing tour in the canals
– Think small: only visit small local museums, shops, grocery stores
– Refuse, reuse and recycle – find alternatives to plastic
– Be friendly to people on the street
– Treat the city like it is your own


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