Sustainable tourism in a new world

The world is slowly recovering from the corona crisis. People desperately want to return to their normal life and routines. They’ll want to travel again and see the world. But we saw what good the lockdown has done for our planet: cleaner air, healthier cities and a thriving nature. How do we keep those environmental benefits and restore tourism in a sustainable manner?


We want to reinvent tourism as a force of good. In the new world that emerges from the pandemic, tourists will be invited to act sustainable and add a positive impact to the places they visit.


The Happy Activist teams up with Tours That Matter, The Untourist Guide and Nomadic Existence to launch the Happy Tourist Project. Starting in Amsterdam, we will put together a checklist for tourists with little chores they can do to help make Amsterdam a healthier place. 

If you complete a certain amount of these tasks during your visit, you can officially call yourself a Happy Tourist and you’ll be awarded with the Happy Tourist Pin.

The more tasks you complete from this list, the more benefits you get. We select a series of small sustainable shops and organisations where Happy Tourists that have completed the checklist, can get special discounts. 

Having proved yourself a sustainable tourist, your Happy Tourist Pin will get you discounts for future travels with selected organisations.

After the pilot in Amsterdam we will expand the Happy Tourism Project across the border, inviting visitors all over Europe to behave better, and help to preserve this new world we all live in.


√  Save water by time your shower in your hotel

√  Buy and plant a small plant that can feed/attract bees or butterflies

√  Support local, small businesses

√  Do a canal bike ride picking garbage form the canals

√  Help out in a soup kitchen for an afternoon

√  Go sightseeing with a homeless guide

We’ll keep completing this list and looking for partners to develop new tasks.


We are happy to meet new sustainable shops and organisations that want to participate in the Happy Tourist Project, by offering new ideas for tasks for the checklist or by offering discounts for Happy Tourists

Please let us know if you have ideas or if you want to participate

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